EcuBooster installer - download (read installation manual)

Dongle Manager  - download

This utility allows to view user data in the dongle. Download, run (works without installation), insert the dongle. Click the "Get Info Dongle". If necessary, take a screenshot / photo and send it to the technical support any convenient way (whatsapp / email / chat).

Download demo license - Honda Acura RDX TB1

Download demo license - Honda Acura TSX CL9

Download demo license - Honda Acura TSX CU2

Download demo license - Honda Civic FA1-FG1

Download demo license - Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo

Download demo license - Honda Element YH-

Download demo license - Honda Brio HW-37805-5YC-K51

Download demo license - Honda FIT RS GK5

Download demo license - Nissan 350Z Z33

Download demo license - Nissan GT-R R35

Download demo license - Nissan Navara D40

Download demo license - Nissan Patrol Y61

Download demo license - Nissan Infiniti G37 VQ37VHR

Download demo license - Toyota LC200

Download demo license - Toyota LC70

Download demo license - Toyota Hilux 3.0 TD

EcuBooster installation instructions.

For Win10 users: 

1. Go to the program directory when installed
2. Click by right mouse button on EcuBooster.exe and choose Settings.
3. On the Compatibility tab, enable Compatibility Mode and select Windows 8.
4. Enable "Run this program as administrator".
5. Save settings.

After installation you need to go to the directory where the EcuBooster is installed, located at Program files or Program files (x86), and run GrdDrivers.exe app, which is a USB dongle driver. Than you can make the first launch of the EcuBooster so the program will download the latest version of the editor from the server. EcuBooster software is ready to use.

Activation of USB dongle EcuBooster.

Open the EcuBooster app and find Dongle->Update dongle menu and run it. Wait for activation and the message about its successful completion.

Activation of user license.

To activate a purchased license, create a new session Project->New project in the editor (dongle key must be attached and activated).

The bin-file selection window will open. Select your bin file that matches your license type. An information window with a description of the bin-file and the options for available licenses will open. Select a license you have bought and click Activate. Wait for the successful activation message. Now you can open bin-files to edit using the Project->New project menu.

Open demo license.

Download the file from the list above. Open using the menu Project->Open Demo.